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Denise At Paws Inc.

About the shelter

Denise at Paws Inc. is run by volunteers who work tirelessly to rescue dogs from just about anywhere—pounds, backyard breeders, puppy farmers, and private surrenders.

It is a registered, not-for-profit organisation wherein donations are fully tax deductible. The organisation believes that all dogs need help, and therefore does not discriminate about the type of dog that requires rescuing.

Dogs that are rescued by Denise at Paws are immediately given a thorough assessment by the designated veterinarian, especially the ones saved from appalling conditions. All the necessary vet work is completed, making sure they are given C5 vaccinations, and undergo microchipping and heartworm tests. Grooming is also part of the entire rescued dog care procedure.

While under their care, dogs are taught the necessary socialisation skills and receive house training so they are more able to adjust quickly when they finally match with their loving future owners.

The organisation also conducts several visits to prospective homes to determine if each environment is a safe and loving one, and if the family or household members are the perfect match for the dog that is to be rehomed.


  • Denise at Paws believes that all dogs should be rescued and rehomed, regardless of breed and rescue situation.
  • To fulfill this, the organisation takes care of each rescued dog through foster care as they wait for their new home.

How you can help

Denise at Paws uses its adoption fees to cover initial veterinary work, but relies heavily on donations to fulfill additional or costly surgeries as well as specialist consultations. The organisation partners with animal hospitals such as Small Animal Specialist Hospital for specialist surgeries or consultations, and Beverly Hills Animal Hospital for routine surgeries. Both New South Wales-based hospitals give rescue rates.

The organisation is constantly looking for new foster carers who love dogs and are committed to caring for one over a set or indefinite length of time. Denise at Paws believes that fostering dogs is a great way for interested people to try out caring for an animal even if they cannot commit to forever, as well as being a good testing ground for those who are deliberating on caring for an animal for the rest of its life.

Denise and her fellow volunteers would appreciate any help you can extend. Become a foster carer or send a cash donation.


Normanhurst, NSW 2076


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