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Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia

About the shelter

Founded by Jai Wilson in 2017, Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia Ltd. is a safe space that advocates for deaf dogs to have the same opportunities as all dogs. Having adopted a deaf dog herself, Jai and her dog went through a lot, especially when it came to seeking support and help. This inspired and motivated her to work with local and international groups to build as much information and resources for all deaf dogs and their owners.

Through her experiences and the knowledge she culled from other people, she was able to start this organisation that offers rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming, fostering, and training deaf dogs that have been abandoned, surrendered, or turned over by other groups. Just like most rescues, some of the adorable pups that come in are either traumatised from past experiences, in dire need of veterinary attention, or both, and could really use some help from the organisation.

Aside from this, Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia Ltd. also offers advice, guidance, support, and training to future owners by using the information and experiences contributed by local and international deaf dog owners. This is because they know how challenging it can be to train deaf dogs, especially if it’s their first time.

To this day, Jai remains generous with her own time and money just to be able to keep the dogs away from harm, but she still needs all the help she can get to be able to save more deaf dogs’ lives. Helping out Jai is a dedicated volunteer group that loves and cares for the pups. They are also the ones responsible for managing the rescue that supports deaf dogs across the country, despite their Sydney headquarters.


  • Deaf Dogs Rescue Australia Ltd.’s mission is to make sure that deaf dogs are given equal opportunity as hearing dogs.
  • More than just rescuing, rehoming, fostering, and training deaf dogs, the organisation also provides support and advice to its owners in order for them to give their dogs the best life.

How you can help

Support Deaf Dogs Australia Ltd. in two ways: 1) Make a donation. Any amount will be of great help and can make a huge difference to all deaf dogs. Plus, all donations over AUD 2 can be deducted of tax. 2) Show your support in any way you can! Share your time by helping out at local events and providing whatever you can, whether it’s your skills, talents, or smarts.




Sydney, NSW


61 4-17416031

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