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DCH Animal Adoptions

About the shelter

Based in New South Wales, DCH Animal Adoptions is a non-profit animal rescue charity run by volunteers who take on different roles in order to save as many dogs, cats, and horses (plus rabbits and guinea pigs on some occasions, too!) as possible.

They do this to prevent the animals from dying from abandonment, neglect, or abuse, especially since most of the pets under their care were discovered in some of the most dreadful conditions.

The organisation does not have a physical shelter for the rescued creatures to stay in, so the foster carers open their own homes to be able to provide safe and loving venues for the rescues. Unfortunately, they can only take in so much, which means they have to find permanent homes for every animal they save before being able to help out more in need.

To be able to do this, the organisation makes sure that each rescued animal receives veterinary attention and has fully recovered before putting them up for adoption. Once the rescue animals are ready and in great shape, the adoption process commences and the animals are welcomed into loving homes.


  • DCH Animal Adoptions’ main focus is rescuing and rehoming dogs, cats, and horses.
  • Their volunteers rescue these animals from different pounds, shelters, and knackeries in Sydney, and provide them with veterinary attention until they move to their forever homes.

How you can help

To be able to continue the work that they do, DCH Animal Adoptions needs all the help they can get from their supporters. Whether it’s giving monetary donations to cover pet medical bills, fostering a pet for a period of time, providing veterinary work, or doing other services, you can do something vital to keep the organisation running. They have a lot of options for monetary donations, and they often hold fundraisers to collect funds for the rehabilitation and health of the pets. However, in-kind donations such as cat flea products, cat worm products, and kitten/cat wet food are also needed.

Photography services are also welcome, especially for capturing the adorable moments of the foster pets. Driving services are also necessary to transport volunteers and the rescue dogs and cats. Printing posters and distributing them within your community also has a huge positive impact on the organisation. And since most of these animals come from devastating environments, some of them are left with permanent damage and need special attention. If you can sponsor a special needs animal, that would be much appreciated, too!


44 Dingle St., Riverstone, Sydney, NSW 2765


61 3-00889340

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