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Dandy Cat Rescue

About the shelter

“No kittens and cats left behind” might just as well be the tagline of Dandy Cat Rescue Inc. Their goal is to take in kittens and cats from the streets of the City of Greater Dandenong.

The organisation is made up of a small group of experienced foster carers who make sure to put the cats and kittens’ needs first by providing them with a safe and clean environment. Aside from this, they also see to it that the rescued animals eat healthy and have a good amount of human interaction and play.

In terms of rehoming the fur balls, they make sure that each cat and owner is a good match by looking beyond the paperwork. They believe that the adoption process is “more than just an application form,” and that what matters most is for each cat to have a happy fur-ever home that will give it many great memories. To achieve this, they see to it that the kittens and cats are ready for their new owners—meaning they are all desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and flea treated before their big move. At the same time, they also share with the future owners the characteristics and eccentricities of each cat. To bring the cats and kittens closer to finding their future homes, the organisation keeps their Facebook page updated with heartwarming stories and detailed descriptions of their rescues.


  • Dandy Cat Rescue Inc’s main objectives are to find the right home for cats and kittens, and to serve as their voice.
  • The organisation also champions animal education such as the benefits of desexing and how it can help control the rising cat population.

How you can help

Interested in helping the rescue cats of Dandy Cat Rescue Inc.? You can do so by adopting a kitty, giving a donation, or buying cat-related merchandise at their online shop. For cat adoptions, interested parties can fill out the form available on the website and submit it via email, for starters. The rest of the steps are detailed on the site. If you’ve sent them an request, just be a bit patient as the organisation admittedly needs more time to respond to any inquiries since they’re busy caring for their rescues.

As for donations, it’s up to you whether you want to give a one-off contribution or a regular donation in AUD 30, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 increments. There’s also an option to impart whichever amount you prefer to give. These donations will help provide additional food, litter trays, toys, bedding, and medical work for the rescued cats.


Greater Dandenong, Melbourne, VIC


61 4-13938250

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