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Dalmatian Rescue Association of Western Australia

About the shelter

Founded in February 2013 by Dawn Gilett, Dalmatian Rescue Association of Western Australia Inc. (DRAWA) is a charitable institution that caters specifically to the neglected dalmatians found within Western Australia. Their team of fellow dog lovers and dedicated volunteers focuses on rescuing, fostering, and rehoming the black-spotted dogs. Thanks to their collective efforts, DRAWA achieved a Charitable Collections License in just 12 months of operation.

DRAWA sees to it that their beloved rescue animals’ future owners are capable of giving them the love and care they deserve. To do this, they assess their would-be forever homes for suitability. They also test and check how compatible the dalmatian’s temperament and behaviour is with its new owner.

As for the new parents, they are given as much information (from living with dalmatians, daily activities, and training tips) as possible to help them get acquainted with their new pets easily. They’re also advised to remain in contact with DRAWA for the first four weeks if they’ve had experience with pets before. For first-time owners, however, the contact would be a little longer—three months. Once the recommended period of being in contact is over, DRAWA will do a follow-up survey after a year just to make sure everything is in order.


  • Dalmatian Rescue Association of Western Australia’s mission is to rescue, foster, and rehome dalmatians in need of a loving home regardless of their health, capability, or where they come from.
  • The association also works towards providing support and advice to new and experienced dalmatian owners.

How you can help

Help out Dalmatian Rescue Association of Western Australia Inc. by being a patron member of the organisation. For only AUD 20 a year per household, your membership can assist with the cost of foster and health care of the rescued dalmatians. You will also be capable of privileges involving the dalmatians and the organisation. DRAWA has been granted the Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR) status by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which means that anyone who donates to the rescue can claim a tax deduction.

Aside from this, the rescue group is also in constant need of foster carers who can provide love, affection, and care that the dalmatians deserve, albeit temporarily. If you have a car and know how to drive, your skills would be immensely helpful in transporting the dogs. If you’re organised or have the right connections, your knowledge and support would be impactful in fundraising events.




18 Gibson Street, Beaconsfield, Perth, WA 6162



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