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Companions For Life Pet Rescue

About the shelter

Founded in 2002, Companions For Life Pet Rescue is an animal shelter that rescues and rehouses abandoned livestock guardian breeds. Based in Portland, New South Wales, Australia, their mission is to reduce the cases of abandoned animals within the area.

In addition to taking in these neglected dogs, they ensure that all the creatures under their care are properly rehomed. This involves the careful process of finding each of them a nice, warm, and comfortable place to stay. Aligned with their goal, Companions For Life Pet Rescue even encourages pet owners to surrender animals to the rescue if and when they can no longer provide for their pooch. This ensures that the dogs do not become abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

After rescuing an abandoned animal, the organisation gives it a temporary home by allowing it to stay in their shelter. Once under their care, Companions For Life Pet Rescue spends countless hours assessing the needs of each animal as well as learning about its unique personality. This ultimately helps them in finding a perfect match for every dog.


  • Companions For Life Pet Rescue’s main goal is to reduce the number of abandoned Maremma Sheepdogs and other livestock guardian breeds, and place them in loving permanent homes.
  • To do this, they work with several pet owners found all over New South Wales, Australia and share their knowledge on how to care for these breeds with distinct needs.

How you can help

The easiest way to help Companions For Life Pet Rescue is by making a donation. With an increase in the number of dogs in the shelter, they continuously need funds to help rescue and rehome these animals. If you are not in a position to make a monetary donation, you can drop off a few essentials such as quilts, towels, or old blankets. These will be used for the mopping and bedding of the rescued animals. Donating quality dry food for puppies and adult dogs (and even for cats!) are highly recommended. You can check out their How You Can Help Us page for a complete list of items they would gladly receive, and where you can directly send them.

You can also support their cause by shopping for gifts in their online shop. Companions For Life Pet Rescue has a number of well-designed items dog lovers and their pooches will definitely love! From calendars to lapel pin badges to personalised embroidered sleeve for dog collars, all the money received from these items helps fund the rescue’s daily expenses.




Portland, NSW 2847


61 4-18171896

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