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Coastal Pet Rescue

About the shelter

Also known as CPR, Coastal Pet Rescue is a small animal rescue group operating on the Central Coast of New South Wales. CPR provides a friendly refuge for orphaned or abandoned animals in Chatham, Bryan, and Effingham Counties.

Their journey as a foster home started a few years back through weekly volunteer sessions. Today, many dedicated, NSW-based volunteers work with them to achieve their goal. Together, they work tirelessly to ensure that all rescued animals receive the care and attention they deserve, and match them with the perfect permanent abodes.

With CPR, all the rescues under their supervision are placed in foster homes. This way, they’ll get used to living in a home-like setting full of love and support before being adopted. Before rehoming any of their animals, they are desexed, microchipped, and vaccinated by fully certified veterinarians that work with CPR. These doctors perform full health checkups to the dogs and cats, and ensure that the animals are up to date on worm and flea prevention treatments.

The organisation is very active in the local community. They take part in several animal-centred initiatives designed to educate the community. One initiative, for example, is putting an end to the cycle of families doing away with unwanted animals by encouraging responsible pet ownership. They also share information to pet owners about the benefits of taking care of a furry animal.


  • Coastal Pet Rescue is a privately funded rescue home that specialises in giving unwanted animals at pounds across New South Wales, Australia a second chance at life.
  • CPR focuses on saving cats and dogs by placing them under the care of loving fosters before sending them off to their forever homes.
  • Aside from saving these creatures from pounds, the organisation is open to receiving private surrenders and works towards addressing animal cruelty.

How you can help

You can help Coastal Pet Rescue by choosing to adopt one of their animals. By doing so, you’ll be helping them achieve their goal of guaranteeing a loving shelter for their animals. CPR’s adoption application process involves screening potential adopters. They do this to ensure the right pet is matched with the right adopter. If you would you like to adopt one of their rescues, send them an email detailing all your relevant information. This includes the type of pet you would like to adopt, information about the kind of pet you have (if any), what type of home you have, and other details.




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