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Chihuahua Rescue Queensland

About the shelter

Formed by a group of chihuahua-loving vet nurses, veterinarians, and dog trainers, the Chihuahua Rescue Qld Inc (CRQ) calls itself “the little rescue with the big heart.” Established in 2014, this small but active rescue began by actively rescuing cats and dogs in the Brisbane, Australia until it focused on chihuahuas, mixed breed chihuahuas, and other small dogs. CRQ rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes these tiny dogs and other little friends that have been impounded, abandoned, and surrendered across Queensland.

The rescue team prides itself in providing high-quality veterinary care for all the dogs that come into the rescue’s care. Whilst the CRQ doesn’t have a physical shelter, it does have a reliable network of foster carers located throughout the south-eastern area of Queensland. The organisation believes that it is important to place the animals under the care of loving and responsible foster carers. These people will get to know the tiny dogs better, be able to make informed choices, and place them in the best permanent homes. The CRQ has a good relationship with RSPCA QLD, council pounds, and the network of rescue groups across the state. A standout feature of the CRQ is that it can provide adoption counselling and support, so that it can find the best homes possible for their rescue pooches. They go out of their way to stand by every single dog that they rescue and are known to have taken back dogs that have previously been adopted. Like the chihuahua, CRQ may be small, but it makes up for it by its very big heart!

Much like similar organisations, the CRQ’s adoption process is thorough to ensure that each dog is welcomed by a family that suits it the most. CRQ’s available rescue dogs are listed on PetRescue. Each intended adoption process starts off by completing their comprehensive “Expression of Interest” form, which will be reviewed by the administration team. Should the application be successful, and the team believes that the adopter and dog could be a good match, the potential adopter will be contacted by the foster carer. CRQ encourages potential adopters to bring all family members to meet the dog. The rescue asks that all potential adopters spend 24 hours thinking about the decision to adopt before proceeding with it. When the potential adopter intends to go ahead, he or she will need to send an email to the team who will then organise a home check. After completion of the home check, the adoption fee must be paid via bank deposit. Potential adopters may only collect their new family member when the payment has cleared. CRQ offers a four-week adoption trial in which the dog can be returned for a full refund of the adoption fee minus a $75 administration fee.

The CRQ prides itself in its network of foster carers and they are always on the lookout for more pet loving individuals to join their team. They require that foster carers reside within a reasonable distance (not more than 25 kms) from their partner veterinary hospitals in Chermside, Woolloongabba, Indooroopilly, Jinadlee, Browns Plains, and Kawana Waters. Carers will need to be able to transport their canine charges for veterinary visits and be willing to bring the dogs to adoption events. The organisation has a foster care liaison who is regularly in contact with each carer, and is able to provide support, advice, and arrange supplies. Interested foster carers are asked to complete a foster carer application form.


  • CRQ aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome chihuahuas, their crossbreeds, and other small dogs.
  • The organisation is committed in building a rescue organisation that provides high standards for veterinary care for every dog that comes into their care.

How you can help

You can help rescued chihuahuas and their friends by donating to this registered charity. Majority of the donations go towards providing high quality and adequate veterinary care for all fostered dogs. The CRQ has an ongoing donation drive called “Three Dollar Thursday” where it asks supporters to spare just AUD 3 every Thursday to provide care for the small dogs.

Unable to donate funds? You can also donate material goods which can be new or pre-loved. The CRQ has a wish list on their Donate – Wish List Page. This popular charity hosts and joins small community events as well, so come and join their activities!




Brisbane, QLD


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