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Cheltenham Cat Rescue

About the shelter

Officially registered as an animal welfare charity from 29 August 2015, the Melbourne-based Cheltenham Cat Rescue (CCR) was established to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome kittens and cats. Commencing operation in June 2015, this organisation works in conjunction with the network of rescue groups and council pounds in Melbourne to help cats in need.

CCR founder and director Natasha Reus spent years fostering with other animal rescue organisations. Inspired by the work that they do and the yearning to provide added value to the good cause, she decided to set up Cheltenham Cat Rescue to save kittens and cats from death row and find them new homes. In October 2015, she had managed to build a network of 50 foster carers with this number growing throughout the years that the organisation has been in operation. Though the all-breed cat rescue organisation is staffed entirely by volunteers, it has a committee that steers its operations. CCR is not a shelter and does not have a centralised location.

Cats come to the organisation through different means. CCR believes that homelessness in cats doesn’t just mean from the pounds. For them, it also means stray cats that are wandering the streets, as well as cats whose owners can no longer look after them. The survival of the CCR depends primarily on the network of volunteer foster carers who look after the rescued cats whilst they wait for their forever homes. They believe that foster caring is a perfect way to test “whether companion animal guardianship” is for you. There have been many times when several their foster carers, have “failed”—failed in the sense that these carers have fully adopted their charges. Applications to become a foster carer can be found on their website. Whilst 24/7 guidance and support from CCR is provided as well as all veterinary expenses, they ask that foster carers bear the cost for food, shelter, litter, as well as give their temporary furry friend all the love and attention they deserve.

Adopting from CCR requires interested potential adopters to fill out their online Adoption Application. CCR’s adoption process aims to ensure that potential adopters and their new pet will get along and have a good relationship. After submission of the form, volunteers from the organisation will assess the application to see if a match can be made between one or more cats. Once a potential match has been made, the foster carer in charge of the “matched” cat will get in touch to arrange a meet and greet. This is followed by a house check and filling out of paperwork. All adopters receive advice in order to increase the chances of succeeding in their new relationship with their furry companion.


  • Cheltenham Cat Rescue works towards strengthening its ties within the community by working with council pounds, community groups, local councils, and businesses to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome all cat breeds.
  • They look towards educating the community on responsible cat care, cat health (to reduce the rates of euthanasia and increase the rates of reclaiming), and the proper rehabilitating and rehoming of these wonderful companion animals.

How you can help

There are a number of ways to help Cheltenham Cat Rescue. Your support is vital to their rescue network! You can donate money, goods, and even your time to this good cause. The CCR is always looking for cat lovers to assist at their stalls, festivals, adoption days, and various community events. As the organisation relies solely on donations, you can also opt to help them raise funds. They also have a variety of cat-related merchandise for sale on their shop page.




12141 A’Beckett St, Melbourne, VIC 8006


61 4-23071866

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