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CatRescue 901

About the shelter

Based in Sydney, Australia, CatRescue 901 is a rescue organisation that was first established in 2005. The group was formed with the main intention of rescuing cats to be euthanised in council pounds, as well as taking in stray cats found within the local community. CatRescue 901 is known for their desexing programs that help deal with the cat overpopulation problem in Sydney.

CatRescue 901 is a registered charity that is run by a management team and passionate volunteers. The rescue doesn’t have a physical shelter where the cats live until they are fostered or adopted. Instead, CatRescue 901 relies solely on foster families to take in the animals until a suitable forever family is found for each of them. The foster carers range from highly trained volunteers that are a part of the staff to concerned individuals from the community who have opened up their hearts and homes to cats in need. The CatRescue 901 foster care program is unique because it operates under contracts to ensure that each animal is placed in a safe home that will provide it with high quality care. Foster families are provided with as much support as they need throughout the entire process.

Additionally, the CatRescue 901 website is incredibly informative. There are various pages that provide knowledge on the benefits of desexing, caring for blind cats, rehoming your pet, as well as various resources a pet owner or aspiring pet owner might need.


  • The mission of CatRescue 901 is to rescue, foster, and rehome cats that have been abandoned in local council pounds.
  • Additionally, they rescue stray cats and sometimes even take in other animals too.

How you can help

CatRescue 901 appreciates any kind of help you can extend. If you want to help an animal in need, the best way to do so is by adopting or fostering a cat. As a foster, you will receive supplies such as litter trays and paper, dried or raw food, flea and worm treatments, scratch posts, and toys.

Donating is another way you can help out the rescue, since most non-profit organisations run entirely on the help of volunteers and donations. At CatRescue 901, you can make a one-time, weekly, or monthly donation. In addition to that, you can donate to specific needs such as desexing one of the rescue cats. Donations over two dollars are tax deductible and the majority of all donations go directly towards helping the rescued cats.




PO Box 609, Terrey Hills, Sydney, NSW 2084


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