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Catmint Cottage Rescue

About the shelter

Catmint Cottage Street Cat Rescue operates out of New South Wales and is the go-to rescue for cats with special needs. This group started rescuing cats in 2004, but it was only in 2015 that they obtained the right to register as a charity.

Catmint Cottage Street Cat Rescue is not a shelter but a group comprised of dedicated and hardworking volunteers that does not only rescue the animals but also fosters, medicates, socialises, and advocates for them. They also attend to cats with special needs which can include anything from a social issue to a persistent illness that might be too expensive or time consuming for most shelters to take on.

Catmint Cottage Street Cat Rescue believes that every animal deserves an equal and fair chance at finding a forever home, so they will take on any case no matter how difficult it may seem. Whether the animal is unadoptable due to age, physical illness, or bad social skills, they will dedicate however long it takes to deal with those concerns and make the impossible possible. Aside from attending to cats with special needs, they rescue abandoned street cats, even going as far as saving ones from death row at local pounds.

Once a potential adoptive family has been found, the team behind Catmint Cottage Street Cat Rescue spends time with the adoptive owners to ensure that the new parents provide the cat with the necessary support and guidance it needs. A trial period is also implemented to make sure that the pet adoption works out.


  • At Catmint Cottage Street Cat Rescue, their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats that are homeless, surrendered, abandoned, neglected, or abused.
  • They pride themselves on being one of the few shelters that are willing to take on special needs cases which includes cats with chronic health or behavioural issues.

How you can help

If you live in New South Wales and would like to help out this organisation, you can donate money to support their mission. Rescuing cats doesn’t come cheap, and treating those with special needs can be more expensive. No matter how big or small, your donation can result in being able to help out more animals and being able to perform a lifesaving operation.

If you are short on money but have extra time on your hands, becoming a volunteer is an incredibly rewarding way to help out this group! They are run entirely by volunteers and are always looking for an extra pair of hands.

Lastly, if you are looking to add a new furry friend to your home, consider adopting or fostering a cat from Catmint Cottage Street Cat Rescue.




Sydney, NSW


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