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Cat Rescue Newcastle

About the shelter

Cat Rescue Newcastle is a rescue group that is based in Newcastle and works within the surrounding areas of New South Wales, Australia.

The organisation started as part of the group called Dog Rescue Newcastle, which cared for and rehomed neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs. In 2010, they received a ton of responses stating that many cats are in similar situations and need help. Dog Rescue Newcastle began accepting cats in response to this growing concern. Within two years, the rescue’s need to save cats grew so much that they were able to create Cat Rescue Newcastle and have it operate as its own rescue group. It operates independently without any government funding, relying solely on donations and fundraising efforts.

To this day, Cat Rescue Newcastle continues to work closely with Dog Rescue Newcastle to ensure that every animal has an equal opportunity at having a better future. This rescue is made up of dedicated volunteers who are all determined to save as many abandoned, neglected, and abused cats as possible. They search out cats from death row at local pounds and put them into foster homes that will love and care for them until they each match with a forever family. The rescue group doesn’t have a shelter or any type of facility where the cats can live, which is why fosters and volunteers are so vital to this rescue.


  • The mission of Cat Rescue Newcastle is to rescue and rehome cats that are on the death row.
  • Their goal is to give these neglected animals love and care that they might not have experienced before.

How you can help

There are many ways you can assist Cat Rescue Newcastle. You can donate money to help cover the cost of cat food, desexing procedures, vaccinations, and the finances involved in rescuing these cats. You can also volunteer with the group. Help trap stray cats, transport them to the vet or to their foster homes, or be a friendly volunteer at a fundraising event.

Additionally, if you want to hang out with cats, the rescue is always looking for volunteers to help the cats socialise before being placed in their forever home. Photography, organisational, administration, vet nursing, and other skills are also sought after by Cat Rescue Newcastle. The rescue is always looking for amazing photos to be taken of the cats (to give them a better chance at being adopted!) as well as other skills to help get the behind the scenes work done.




Hunter Valley, Newcastle, NSW


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