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Cat Haven

About the shelter

Also known as Cat Welfare Society Inc, Cat Haven is a rescue organisation that was founded in 1961. They rescue stray, lost, and abandoned cats in Western Australia. This shelter is unique because they have a facility where the cats can live until they find their forever homes, as compared to most rescue groups that operate using foster families.

Even though Cat Haven takes in between 6,000 to 9,000 cats a year, no cat is ever turned away. It doesn’t matter how old, sick, troubled, or feral the cat may be, the animal is welcome here. Aside from providing a roof over its head, Cat Haven gives every rescue cat with the basics: desexing, microchip, vaccination, and any other medical treatments that it may need. 

Cat Haven is part of a program called Getting to Zero which aims to get rid of the euthanasia of cats that are healthy or treatable so that they have a chance at a happy future. Donations, businesses, and fundraising efforts help keep the shelter going because they don’t have any government funding. They pride themselves on having high adoption success rates due to their effective adoption service. Additionally, they have high-quality boarding facilities for when pet owners need a safe place to leave their animals.

On top of that, they collaborate with other animal welfare groups to educate the community on topics such as animal welfare and how to be a responsible cat owner. This includes providing education on the importance of desexing, microchipping, and other services that can reduce the rate of stray, feral, and unwanted cats in the area.


  • At Cat Haven, their mission is to ensure that every cat in the Western Australia area is cared for.
  • They make this dream a reality by providing shelter, vet care, and love to any cat that is abandoned or lost. 

How you can help

There are various ways you can help this shelter and all the cats they rescue. The quickest and easiest way is to donate! This shelter runs entirely off of donations and funds raised, so your donation can go a long way in helping a cat in need. You can do a one-time donation or subscribe to a monthly donation. Additionally, the rescue has a store where you can buy various things for your pet such as collars, toys, treats, and grooming products. Every purchase will go towards helping the shelter and the animals they’ve taken in. 

Volunteering is another way you can help Cat Haven. Volunteers are always welcome, so if you have some extra time, consider spending it with the cats at the rescue. Aside from that, fostering or adopting a cat is one of the most selfless and rewarding things you can do to make a difference.




23 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, WA 6008


61 8-94423600

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