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Capricorn Animal Aid

About the shelter

Also known as CAA, Capricorn Animal Aid is an organisation that was founded in September 1998 when a group of volunteers realised how the area of Rockhampton, Queensland was in desperate need of an animal rescue. The founders were overwhelmed with the number of abandoned, unwanted, surrendered, and abused dogs and cats in the area and wanted to do something about it.

The rescue is a registered charity that raises necessary funds through their members and donations. Additionally, they receive donated goods as well as services from various businesses in the area. The entire rescue is run by volunteers, and a large part is made up of foster families that provide the necessary love, attention, and supplies for the rescue animals. This includes veterinary care, shelter, food, bedding, and toys. Since Capricorn Animal Aid does not have an actual shelter, it relies entirely on generous foster families who volunteer their time, energy, and space to these animals.

One of the most unique aspects of this organisation is their desexing subsidy scheme (AUD 77 for cats, and AUD 99 for dogs). This is a program that was started to help reduce the amount of unwanted animals and overpopulation in the Rockhampton area. If you need to get your pet desexed but can’t afford it, you can now do so thanks to the fundraising efforts of the volunteers and supporters.


  • Capricorn Animal Aid is on a mission to provide love, care, and safety to stray, unwanted, neglected, and abused animals. Additionally, they believe that every one of these animals deserves to have a forever home.
  • This dedicated group of volunteers works hard to find the perfect match for each dog or cat that comes into their shelter.

How you can help

The easiest way to help this organisation is by volunteering! The rescue is always looking for caring and generous volunteers to donate their time and home to an animal in need. Fostering is one of the best ways you can do this. By fostering, you are giving an animal in need a safe space, but also making room for more animals to be saved. Additionally, since the entire rescue is run off of donations, raising money for the group or donating your own cash is a great way to help. Caring for animals is expensive, and many of the animals they rescue have behavioural issues or costly injuries. Your donation could make a huge difference in many of these dogs and cats’ lives.




Rockhampton, QLD 4700


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