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Canine Lifeline

About the shelter

Canine Lifeline is a dog rescue group that was established in 2015 with a focus on rehabilitating dogs with behavioural problems. Run by volunteers, the rescue operates through donations, fundraising efforts, and the support of various businesses in the Melbourne community.

This rescue is incredibly passionate about helping abandoned, surrendered, or homeless dogs, and ensuring that they give these neglected pooches the best possible future. The organisation was created by dog trainers who understand and know how to train dogs with these behavioural issues. Additionally, each foster and rescue worker is a dog parent, so they understand the specific needs that these creatures have.

The people behind the rescue pride themselves on the obedience and good manners they teach the dogs, as well as disseminating the information to its adoptive families so that the good behaviour will continue. To deal with undesired behaviour in dogs, Canine Lifeline uses various established training methods. They also rely on experienced and knowledgeable foster carers to provide suitable temporary dwellings and much-needed training for the dogs that they rescue.

Canine Lifeline ensures that every dog has been desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped before the adoption process begins. Additionally, once the right adoptive family is found, they educate the new family about suitable training options for their new dog. After the adoption is complete, Canine Lifeline will check in with them regularly and provide any necessary support to the adoptive families.


  • Canine Lifeline’s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned, surrendered, and homeless dogs.
  • Their primary focus is to rescue and train dogs with behavioural issues so that they become ready for their new homes.

How you can help

If you would like to help the dogs at Canine Lifelines, the easiest and most selfless way is to foster one! The more foster carers volunteer to provide these dogs with temporary safe homes, the more dogs the shelter can rescue and take in. Additionally, foster parents who are vets, nurses, or have experience with dog training are highly sought after. The rescue is always looking for businesses or volunteers who are skilled at dog sitting, walking, grooming, taking pictures, and/or helping their dogs find prospective homes. If fostering is not an option for you, donating is another way you can support the shelter. Monetary donations will help the rescue provide the dogs with necessary training, vaccinations, desexing, or medical issues that need to be treated. They also accept donations of food, toys, blankets, as well as worm and flea treatments.




Melbourne, VIC


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