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Campaspe and River Murray Animal Rehoming

About the shelter

Campaspe and River Murray Animal Rehoming (CARMAR) is a rescue group that is run by volunteers and the community. The shelter is a not-for-profit organisation that not only rescues animals, but advocates for animal welfare. They rely entirely on donations, fundraisers, community grants, and the generosity of volunteers to meet their goals.

Based in Echuca, Victoria, this shelter focuses on rescuing and rehoming surrendered and abandoned animals. They take in both dogs and cats, and operate with a strict no-kill policy and an honest and ethical set of values. The rescue group also works with rescue groups, animal shelters, and local councils in the areas of Northern Victoria and New South Wales. Every animal they take in is treated equally with respect, kindness, and love no matter where they came from or what any issues they may have.

Campaspe and River Murray Animal Rehoming provides every rescue animal with food, shelter, and medical assistance, whether in the form of a simple vaccination or a complicated surgery. Outside of rescuing animals, they pride themselves on their ability to promote responsible pet ownership as well as be a voice for all animals and their welfare.


  • Campaspe and River Murray Animal Rehoming is on a mission to rescue and rehome every animal that comes into their care.
  • They aim to educate pet owners and the community about how to responsibly and properly care for animals.
  • Additionally, they are united in promoting the rights and welfare of all animals.

How you can help

If you are in one of the areas that this rescue operates in and are interested to help out, there are various ways you can do so. Contact the shelter to see if there are any openings for a foster as it is one of the best ways to directly help an animal in need. If fostering isn’t for you, you can help by donating. This rescue runs solely on donations to provide the creatures with food, shelter, and veterinary care. All monetary and in-kind donations go directly to the animals, and are greatly appreciated.

Furthermore, the rescue regularly hosts events that you can attend at popular spots such as Coles Sausage Sizzle and Moama Market. Another way you can help is by supporting their ventures that help raise funds for the rescue, such as their pet care store and their dog walking service.




249 High St., Echuca, VIC 3564


61 4-47727439

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