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Byron Dog Rescue

About the shelter

Registered as CAWI (Companion Animals Welfare Inc), Bryon Dog Rescue is a registered stand-alone volunteer pet organisation based in New South Wales, Australia. Their main goal is to provide shelter to orphaned, abused, or abandoned dogs.

Composed of a group of passionate and fun volunteers, Byron Dog Rescue was officially founded on 21st of December, 2004 with Margaret Brown at the helm. She possesses an immense range of knowledge on animal care, thanks to her long-standing career in animal rescue. In fact, it was during this time that she felt the need to build an animal shelter that would act as a training and adoption centre. Fast-forward to a few years later, she managed to turn her vision into CAWI.

CAWI has grown under the watchful eye of Margaret. In fact, CAWI opened up their first Op Shop on the 14th of February, 2005. This is a fun place where customers can work or shop for a wide range of items such as electrical items, clothes, furniture, and books. What’s even more amazing is that some of the items you’ll find are donations made by the public! To make shopping easy, they even offer a free pickup service. They use all the money they generate from the sale of these items to cater for rescued animals.

In 2018, CAWI changed its name to Bryon Dog Rescue.


  • Byron Dog Rescue focuses on promoting responsible pet ownership.
  • They strive to provide quality care and shelter for unwanted or surrendered dogs.
  • Aside from these, Byron Dog Rescue is also dedicated to preventing animal cruelty.
  • They promote responsible pet ownership across New South Wales by educating locals on best animal care practices including social interaction and housing.

How you can help

Byron Dog Rescue wouldn’t be able to save dogs without the help of foster carers. In fact, they are always in need of this type of volunteer. They should not only be ready, but also be willing to provide a suitable foster home. If you think you have the time and energy to devote to a dog (and see if you’re cut out to be a pet owner!), consider looking after one of Byron Dog Rescue’s rescue dogs.

Other than volunteering, you can also help Byron Dog Rescue by committing to a fundraising role. Given their growth in recent years, Byron Dog Rescue is always in need of financial support which can be generated through various fundraisers. Your possible tasks include raising awareness of the shelter and its events, submitting grants, as well as building donor loyalty. You can also apply for an admin volunteer post at the shelter, or take a morning or afternoon shift at the op shop.




PO Box 228 Brunswick Heads NSW 2481


61 4-47927600

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