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Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue

About the shelter

Operating primarily in Sydney, New South Wales, Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue wants to provide cats with loving foster homes and all of the necessary medical care they need. This medical care can include anything from installing microchips and giving vaccinations to desexing and treating of illnesses and injuries.

The cats stay with loving foster carers until all injuries, unwanted behaviour, or illnesses have been addressed, and the perfect parent has been found for each of them. Additionally, this rescue has a few pages on their website that provide education about cat nutrition and the importance of healthy cat food.

The rescue’s name was inspired by the founder’s first dog, Demi. Demi was a Papillon which means butterfly in French. This is fitting because each Papillon has details in their ears that resemble the wings of a butterfly. The rescue wanted to make sure that their name was not only a tribute to Demi, but unique, personal, and not to be confused with any other organisation.


  • Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue consists of a group of dedicated people who aim to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome the homeless cats that end up at their rescue.
  • Their primary focus is to provide a temporary safe haven for all the cats that come into their rescue until they find forever homes that will love and cherish them.

How you can help

If you would like to help out the dedicated team at Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue, they are always in need of compassionate people who are interested in becoming one of the animals’ forever homes. You can look through their Adoption page to see the animals up for adoption or fill in the application form once you’ve found the potential purr-fect pet to take home. However, if adoption is not something you can commit to, fostering is a wonderful way to help this organisation because pounds are overcrowded—making it harder to bring in more abandoned animals in need.

Their foster care program of Butterfly Wings Animal Rescue consists of volunteers agreeing to care for the cats as well as provide them with basic needs such as food, shelter, hygienic care, and attention. However, the organisation will cover all the treatments or necessary vet care that the cat might need. Fosters allow the animal to not only be in a safe haven, but also gives the rescue group a chance to take in more animals. If you have some extra space in your heart and your home, consider fostering some of the pound pets until they have found their forever home.


Mount Druitt, Sydney, NSW 2770


61 4-23108466

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