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Bull Arab Rescue

About the shelter

As the only Australia-wide rescue organisation dedicated to the Bull Arab breed and its crosses, Bull Arab Rescue (BAR) claims to be the only rescue organisation in the country that serves the interests of the breed.

Officially recognised as a rescue organisation on 1 April 2014, the small organisation has been saving approximately one dog per week, which is quite a feat given the difficulty of rehoming Bull Arabs. To date, BAR has successfully rescued over 800 dogs all over Australia and offers inter-state adoptions. Currently headed by Renata Molinari, its Facebook Page – Bull Arabs the Pawfect Companion (BATPC) has over 8,500 members who are active, friendly, and share their love for the breed. BAR has a number of affiliates in the business sector such as Friendly Dog Collars, Raw & Fresh Pet Food, and Goodwill Wines.

A popular Australian working dog, Bull Arabs were originally bred for hunting wild pigs although they have also been used to catch feral cattle and buffalo. With the power of a Bull Terrier, the speed and keen sight of a Greyhound, and the nose, intelligence, and good nature of a German Short-Pointer, this Australian-bred dog was previously prized by the hunting profession. Although superb as family dogs because of their loyalty, the breed has been maligned over the years due to reports of attacks on several people all over the country and its extremely high kill rates in pounds. Far from the truth, supporters of the breed believe that Bull Arabs and its crosses are one of the best family dogs. They have excellent temperaments, are easily trained, are good with other pets and children, and can thrive in suburbia or out in the bush.

Dogs that come into BAR have been saved from local shelters or take in after being neglected, injured, or abused. All dogs that come into the organisation’s care are vaccinated, vet-checked, wormed, desexed, and microchipped. Once they are available for adoption, their profiles are uploaded on BAR’s Adopt Me page. BAR asks that interested adopters send an enquiry email to the organisation.

As a volunteer-run organisation, BAR is always in search of foster carers. All dogs in foster care have their veterinary needs (microchipping, desexing, and up-to-date vaccinations) paid for. BAR only asks that the foster carers provide food, deworming, a loving environment, and lots of cuddles and kisses for their pawsome charges.


  • Bull Arab Rescue focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming Bull Arabs and Bull Arab crosses from pounds across Australia.
  • The organisation looks for Bull Arabs that are in dire need, takes them from pounds, and places them into foster care where they are rehabilitated and given love and care before matching them with a new family.

How you can help

BAR continues to rely on donations to continue their work. Each dog they save costs the organisation an average of AUD 750. Any donation, no matter how big or small, can make a difference to the lives of these animals. The organisation runs an online shop that sells stickers, stubby coolers, and t-shirts. All proceeds from the sales of these items go toward the care of the organisation’s dogs. BAR holds numerous events in various states such as Family Pawtraits for Christmas and other fundraising events.




Sydney, NSW



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