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Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue

About the shelter

Headquartered in a beautiful area known as Valley of the Lakes in Queensland, Australia, Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue (BVCR) is a non-profit group committed to taking care of older cats who find themselves in need of a safer and healthier environment. As the population starts to age, there are many cases wherein elderly people surrender their feline companions because they can no longer take care of them.

Older cats admitted into BVCR all undergo a series of health checks. Healthy cats are then placed into the charity’s program called “Senior for Seniors,” in which the cats remain under BVCR’s care even if they have already found their new owner or family. However, for cats that do not qualify for this program (whether they have minor, chronic, or life-threatening health concerns), they will be placed onto special diets or required medications. For these situations, the cats can earn their haven while their owners attain peace of mind.

For BVCR, it is not enough just to place rescue cats into new homes. The rescue centre follows a 30-day settling-in period to make sure that the cat and humans adjust with each other. If it doesn’t work out, the cat can be returned with a full refund. If the adoptive family wants to return the cat due to unforeseen circumstances, BVCR will welcome the animal back into their shelter until it matches with another feline-loving family. The charity believes that making the perfect match between the cat and the owner not only ensures the overall welfare of the cat, but also brightens up the lives of its human family members.


  • Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue’s mission is to take care of the well-being of surrendered, abandoned, and unwanted cats in Brisbane Valley.
  • BVCR is dedicated to educating people about cats and their devotion to their families despite being complex creatures with their own traits and experiences.

How you can help

There are many ways for you to support BVCR’s advocacy! This includes volunteering during your spare time, as well as sponsoring a cat while it is waiting to find the perfect family to take him in. The charity is also looking for foster carers who can provide these felines with temporary residences. You can also donate cash which will be used for the cats’ much-needed supplies and veterinary needs.


PO Box 17 Coominya, Brisbane, QLD 4311


61 7-54264147

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