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Brighter Future Cat Rescue

About the shelter

Founded in 2014, Brighter Future Cat Rescue (BFCR) is a Sydney-based organisation that is operated by an enthusiastic group of feline lovers. It aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats to new indoor homes. The last thing they want is for the cats to end up on the streets again, where they have to deal with the dangers of living outside.

Each cat is placed in a loving foster home where they get to socialise and receive veterinary treatment before they find a new owner who is willing and able to take on the responsibility. All the cats in BFCR’s care have up-to-date vaccinations and parasite protection, and are desexed and microchipped. The pets are also cured for any other illnesses that may have occurred while they were in BFCR’s care.

As a charity, they do not get funding from the government. This is the reason why the rescue centre highly encourages the community to play their part in taking care of abandoned, abused, and unwanted cats in New South Wales. To help these cats find their new loving homes, BFCR accepts adoption as well as foster carer applications. Taking care of a cat is no piece of cake, which is why BFCR is very strict about the screening the applicants. They test the compatibility of their rescue cats with the personalities of the new foster carers or potential owners. Once they find the perfect match, these cats would likely be able to live contentedly in a safe environment.

Their website also has information on how feline lovers can play their part in taking care of the cats whether by donation, by being a full-fledged foster cat carer, or by becoming a rescue cat owner. Local businesses such as Jubilee Amusements, Iggy Bazaar, VIX Jewellery, and The Cat’s Playground support BFCR’s goodwill.


  • Brighter Future Cat Rescue’s mission is to rehabilitate and rehome rescued cats in New South Wales, Australia into permanent homes.
  • It also aims to educate people about the rewards and benefits of having a cat in their homes.

How you can help

As an independent non-profit association, Brighter Future Cat needs your help so that they can continue their charitable operations. They accept one-off or regular monthly donations, whether by PayPal, via direct bank deposit, or through online banking. They also encourage foster care and adoption applications, which would result to giving these cats happy, loving homes with the purr-fect human companions.




Penrith, Sydney, NSW 2750


61 4-00423206

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