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Brave Companion Dog Rescue

About the shelter

Brave Companion Dog Rescue (BCDR) is a non-profit volunteer organisation established in 2001. It is dedicated to caring for abandoned dogs and puppies found within Australia’s Lockyer Valley and the surrounding southeast Queensland region.

Since its inception, the charity has grown exponentially because of the volunteers’ passion to rescue dogs facing the threat of euthanasia in local pounds. With their strong desire to help, the volunteers rallied together and soon got the support of the local shire council to set up a rehousing program for dogs.

BCDR is composed of hardworking volunteers who operate the charity from leased pens in the council pound, and home-based foster carers who house-train the dogs and shower them with affection. It also has a strict no-kill philosophy—all of their rescued dogs are properly attended to until they are transferred to their new homes.

As part of their adoption process, all of the rescue dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, and desexed. The rescue has a strict set of terms and conditions which should be followed by potential adopters to guarantee the happiness of each brave companion dog. They believe that every dog—young and old—deserves to live the good life with the right owner.


  • Brave Companion Dog Rescue’s mission is to rescue and rehome abandoned puppies and dogs in Queensland, Australia.
  • Their focus is finding and saving unwanted pooches in the Lockyer Valley as well as the neighboring areas in southeast Queensland.

How you can help

BCDR works as a charitable organisation, but they need your continuous support so they can keep providing the best services for the dogs they have rescued. As much as they would appreciate your monetary donations (to be used for veterinary treatments, pound release fees, shelter maintenance, and other expenses not covered by the dogs’ adoption fees), they also need able-bodied volunteers who can walk the dogs and/or clean the shelter cages. If you cannot donate your money, time, or effort, BCDR also accepts donations in kind. They will graciously accept items such as dog food, towels, blankets, food bowls, and puppy food.

For people interested in adopting a rescue dog, you can register in the BCDR website and go through the list of adorable dogs and playful puppies all looking for their forever homes. Once you have successfully lodged your application, you will undergo a process wherein BCDR will find the perfect dog for you.




2107 Rosewood-Laidley Rd, Laidley, QLD 4341


61 4-19731459

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