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Best Friends Rescue

About the shelter

Based in Queensland, Australia, Best Friends Rescue (BFR) is a not-for-profit group whose aim is to give dogs and cats in Brisbane a second chance at life.

The organisation is made up of dedicated volunteers, loving foster care providers, rescue groups, and retail supporters all working hand in hand to help unwanted creatures.

Best Friends Rescue has a very strict no-kill policy. A majority of the animals with BFR have been saved from council pounds, while others were sadly turned over by owners who could no longer keep their pets. It is remarkable to note that the charity does not have a fixed shelter for these animals. Instead, the rescue provides foster care while each furry friend waits for a permanent family to come home to. The charity’s volunteers all work hard to rehome these animals, taking time to carefully screen adoption applications and find the perfect match for each creature.

BFR is a 100% volunteer organisation, which means that all proceeds go directly to the daily needs and welfare of these homeless pets. All animals in their care undergo regular checkups by experienced veterinarians. They are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and guaranteed to be parasite-free before they are sent off to their new homes. For all procedures, the paperwork is to be provided to their new adoptive owners.


  • Best Friends Rescue QLD is a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving the lives of rescued cats and dogs from council pounds in Brisbane, Queensland. It aims to find homes for surrendered animals, specifically those that can no longer be kept by their owners.
  • The animals are lovingly cared for by foster families before they are adopted and taken into their perfect homes. BFR promises that these pets will always have a home to return to if the need arises, for instance, in case the circumstances change in their new homes.

How you can help

Given that the rescue receives no funding from the government, Best Friends Rescue needs all your support through monetary and supply donations. BFR can provide you with a tax receipt since it is a tax-deductible organization.

BFR also allows bequests when you are preparing or amending your will, in which the percentage can be from any amount you choose. As another option, it can be in the form of a specific asset such as jewelry, real estate, or stocks. Lastly, it can also be a residuary bequest, which represents the remainder of your estate.


PO Box 454
The Gap, Brisbane, Queensland 4061


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