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Beagle Rescue QLD

About the shelter

Also known as Beagles and Hounds Queensland Inc., Beagle Rescue QLD is an all-volunteer registered charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of neglected and abused beagles and hounds that are at risk of euthanasia in council pounds.

Formed in November 2015, the organisation has its headquarters at Brisbane, Queensland, and has regional hubs in northern NSW, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns, and Mackay. The charity aims to prevent and relieve the suffering of the beagles whether they are pedigree, purebred, or mixed breed. These include small hounds such as harriers, basset hounds, foxhounds, and coonhounds. The organisation also saves beagles from abuse, neglect, and abandonment regardless if the beagles were surrendered by their owners or impounded.

Beagle Rescue QLD’s website has a section that specifically caters to potential owners who are thinking of adopting an adorable beagle or hound. The charity believes that every rescued dog that finds a new home would free up space for another pup in the rescue. Plus, every pooch that has been rescued from a puppy mill stops the cycle of breeding for profit. Thanks to Beagle Rescue QLD, no hound is ever left behind.


  • Beagle Rescue QLD strives to reduce the overpopulation of beagles caused by accidental breeding; this is done by educating the community, as well as neutering or spaying the beagles before adoption.
  • The charity provides welfare, care, rescue, and rehoming for beagles, while working with the RSPCA to investigate and shut down puppy mills in Australia.

How you can help

As there is a huge need for beagle rescue in Queensland, Beagle Rescue QLD aims to assist as many beagles as possible. To help rescue and rehome these unwanted dogs, the rescue needs generous donations as well as the assistance from committed volunteers and foster carers. You can be a part of the family by signing up today!




Brisbane, QLD


61 4-01262882

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