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Australian Cavy Sanctuary

About the shelter

The Australian Cavy Sanctuary (ACS) began when its founder, Jessica Proietti, came across the problem of abandoned guinea pigs and discovered that they needed loving homes too!

ACS is a specialized not-for-profit organisation for abandoned and stray guinea pigs. Unlike dogs and cats, guinea pigs do not have easily available shelter homes, so ACS is trying to make a difference in the lives of these neglected animals.

Supported by the Australian Guinea Pig Rescue Network, ACS is a private shelter independently started by Jessica Proietti. The institution has now grown to numerous shelters across Australia, and connects with new shelters to help them run their centres smoothly.

ACS is experienced in taking care of rescued guinea pigs, having been in operation for more than a decade. With their busiest shelters located in Melbourne and Sydney, the shelter managers and their teams specialise in rescuing and treating guinea pigs. Meanwhile, the organisation provides health and medical services, along with other provisions like grooming, training, rehabilitation, and boarding.


  • ACR mission is to provide animals with appropriate rehabilitation and forever homes. With several shelters under its flag, the organisation has evolved but its mission remains the same.
  • Along with caring for rescued guinea pigs, the institution also works to educate people on properly caring for these unique animals. They have a detailed health and care section on their website for people interested in keeping their guinea pigs healthy.

How you can help

Go ahead and adopt a cute guinea pig from the Australian Cavy Sanctuary!


Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, VIC

Contact (Sydney); (Melbourne)

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