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Australian Animal Rescue

About the shelter

Australian Animal Rescue Incorporated (AAR) Inc. began in April 2009 as a non-profit private foundation. The motivation behind the conception of this organisation was the 2009 bushfires in Victoria, which left many stray animals in danger.

AAR wants to ensure that other animals do not find themselves stranded during similar disasters, so they provide shelter for these creatures. Their rescue services include medical checkup, burn relief, protection, fostering, and rehabilitation. AAR caters to the recovery of all animals, be it domesticated or wild ones. It focuses on getting these animals mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to be sent to a new home or back to their natural habitat.

Run by a team of volunteers, Australian Animal Rescue uses public funds to maintain its equipment and services. The group has an education program that works on deepening the relationship between people and local animals.

Available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, AAR is always ready to send help in case of fires or any other disaster throughout Victoria—the only state it currently operates in. AAR also supports other shelters found within Victoria and Melbourne.


  • The Australian Animal Rescue Inc. group’s mission is to rescue and rehome helpless animals. Their volunteers work relentlessly to bring in hurt or abandoned animals, and attend to their needs.
  • Given their specialisation in attending to injured domestic and wild animals, they reach out to various shelter groups to provide knowledge and assistance in any way possible.

How you can help

AAR appreciates all your help! You can sponsor a rescue animal or adopt a furry friend. You can also donate in cash (monetary donations are tax deductible) or in kind (towels, bedding, pet food, and vet supplies are always needed). Lastly, you can even help spread the word about AAR’s events on your social media accounts.




PO Box 5301, Cranbourne, Melbourne, VIC 3977


61 4-30883083

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