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Aussie Desert Dogs

About the shelter

The Aussie Desert Dogs is a canine health program that was created by Warlukurlangu Artists art centre to take care of the wild dogs living with the aboriginal people of Yuendumu, Nyirripi, and Yuelamu. Moving to Yuendumu in 2003 to assist the art facility, Gloria Morales witnessed firsthand the dismal state of the desert dogs and rose up to the challenge to defend their rights.

A Dogs Program was soon founded to support the animals—focusing on decreasing the population of unwanted dogs and improving their overall health. With the help of the Central Desert Shire and the Central Land Council, a visiting veterinary team comes regularly to provide the animals with medical assistance such as neutering, spaying, flea and worm checking, as well as tending to other special requirements. The program also offers animal rescue assistance with Gloria being the community’s go-to person.

Fostering, rehoming, and adopting are just a few of the things she offers to lost, abandoned, sick, or neglected dogs in need whether they are from Yuendumu or its surrounding areas. Beyond taking care of the animals’ health and reducing the number of unwanted puppies, Aussie Desert Dogs also has an educational facet that teaches the aboriginal communities how to become more responsible pet owners. Through these enlightening sessions, the program aims to help dog and owner forge stronger bonds and keep the animals at their healthiest conditions.


  • Warlukurlangu Artists formed the Dogs Program to support the animals in its community, addressing the overpopulation and well-being of the dogs found within Yuendumu and nearby towns.
  • The program offers canine adoption and rehoming assistance, sponsored desexing programs and vet checkups, and education so that the locals can become more responsible pet owners.

How you can help

Over the years, the number of desert dogs has dwindled in half, but there are still many unwanted pooches that are in need of loving homes. You can apply to adopt one of the desexed, microchipped, and vaccinated camp dogs that is highly sociable.

Another way you can help is by donating money or buying a painting from their art centre. They welcome tax-deductible donations in AUD 20, 50, 100, and 200, or an arbitrary amount you’d like to give. Meanwhile, a part of the sale of every painting you buy from Warlukurlangu Artists goes directly to the Aussie Desert Dogs and its Dog Program.

Lastly, you can sponsor an Aussie Desert Dog by making a general donation that will cover the needs of all the pooches, or you can make a donation for a specific mutt that tugs at your heartstrings.




Ral Ral Avenue, Yuendumu, Darwin, NT 0872


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