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Animals-in-Need-Brisbane Inc.

About the shelter

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Animals-in-Need-Brisbane Inc. is an organisation that works tirelessly to rescue animals such as dogs, cats, farm pets, and birds. It was founded in 2013 and started off as an individual rescuer that soon grew into a larger, dedicated group of animal lovers.

The volunteers tirelessly work together for the animals—creating fundraising events, providing animal transportation, collecting and storing donations, meeting with prospective pet adopters, supporting foster carers, and organising vet visits.

Foster carers are a vital part of Animals-in-Need-Brisbane Inc. because they are the ones in charge of taking care of the animals while these creatures wait to meet their permanent families. Not only do they provide for the daily needs of the animals, but they also meet with potential adoptive families and help in the decision-making when adoption day comes.

Everyone in the group is passionate about the animals, and committed to doing the best for each and every homeless animal they encounter. The volunteers work with local veterinarians who provide support and care for the rescued animals.


  • Animals-in-Need-Brisbane Inc. is a small group of passionate volunteers working to rescue animals and finding them loving forever homes. They work with a close network of foster carers to make sure that each animal is safe, loved, healthy, and happy in a temporary home before finding a family that then has a better chance of continuing this care.

How you can help

No matter how big or small, every donation will make a difference in the lives of the rescue animals under Animals-in-Need-Brisbane Inc.’s care.




Brisbane, QLD


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