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Animal Rehoming Tablelands

About the shelter

Animal Rehoming Tablelands is a private rescue group based in the highland region of Atherton Tablelands, Australia.

They accept pets that are surrendered to them and make it their duty to take care of them until they find new homes. With a focus on cats and kittens, they provide advertising materials to find foster carers for these feline creatures. They also advertise their rescue group to inform the public that there are people they can turn to if they have a pet that needs rehoming.

At Animal Rehoming Tablelands, they work with local veterinarians who have generously lowered their professional fees to assist the animals. They believe that each creature deserves to be loved and be given the care they were once deprived of. Animal Rehoming Tablelands is not a charity organisation, so every donation in cash and kind matters. You may assist their foster carers by providing food, medication, and shelter for their rescued pets.

Once you have decided to adopt one of their kittens, you will have to pay AUD 180 and a bond fee of AUD 50 that they will retain until you desex your cat and provide a proof of desexing. Older cats can be adopted for AUD 150. All their animals move into new homes with a starter pack that’s shouldered by the adopters, but other transportation, food, and lodging costs are covered by the group.


  • As a private rescue group, the Animal Rehoming Tablelands, Queensland shelter, make it their duty to take care of surrendered pets until they find each of them a perfect foster and forever home.
  • They want to make a difference in lowering euthanasia rates in Australian pounds by actively finding new homes for rescued animals.

How you can help

Sponsor, adopt, or foster a pet from Animal Rehoming Tablelands today! Any kind of help will be appreciated by this dedicated group of volunteers.


Atherton, QLD 4883


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