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Animal Adoption Agency

About the shelter

Animal Adoption Agency is an organisation run and monitored by a very dedicated couple from Sydney, Australia: Lee and Fiona Amiti.

The Amitis created this agency because of their great love for rescue animals, and their desire to provide nothing but the best for these neglected creatures. They devote their lives to taking care of these pets, loving them as their own, then finding new and happy homes for these animals.

With more than 20 years of experience, Animal Adoption Agency is skilled in the matchmaking of animals and families. They spend enough time and effort to match you to a pet that’s suitable to your wants, needs, and lifestyle. You can choose from rescue dogs and cats or cuddly puppies and kittens that you can build a bond with for a lifetime.

If you prefer a mature dog to avoid the chaos brought by early training and obedience school, Animal Adoption Agency also has senior dogs available for adoption. You won’t have to worry about the delicate baby stage and just enjoy quality time with your pet.


  • Animal Adoption Agency’s mission is to stop and end unnecessary killings of their feline and canine friends.
  • Their lifelong vision is to find each rescued animal under their care a permanent and loving home.

How you can help

Bring home a rescue cat or dog from Animal Adoption Agency today! Find out which furry friend is meant for you by reading the guidelines on their website.




448 Llandilo Rd, Llandilo, Sydney, NSW 2747


61 2-47774746

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