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All 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc.

About the shelter

All 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc. is made up of a small group of people who rescues dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds from different pounds.

The rescue saves dogs regardless of how they look and what age group they belong to, whether they are newborn pups or senior dogs. They also take in dogs that are surrendered to them.

Making a commitment to support all of their rescued dogs in the best way possible, All 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc. enhances the dogs’ basic skills and shows them love through regular training and interaction with people. They help pregnant dogs through the careful process of whelping and caring for their puppies, then they undergo desexing.

After the dogs are saved and nurtured, they are ready for adoption. All 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc. believes that it is their duty to find the right families that will permanently care for and love their dogs unconditionally. They carefully screen the applicants and make sure to choose a home that matches each canine perfectly.


  • All 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc. is dedicated to saving and rescuing dogs of all kinds, no matter their age, size, or breed.
  • They save dogs from pounds and accept surrendered pooches, while advocating for the needs of the dogs—from relevant training to socialisation.

How you can help

Help out All 4 Paws Dog Rescue Inc. in any way you can! Adopt a dog, be a foster carer, or volunteer through fundraising events or driving around the pooches to go to the vet or their foster family.




Lamington Drive, Altona Meadows, Melbourne, VIC 3028

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