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2nd Chance Cat Rescue

About the shelter

2nd Chance Cat Rescue was started in 2011 by a group of foster carers and cat lovers in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, who wanted to help rehabilitate and rehome cats in their area. Since that July, the group has helped rehome more than 2,000 cats and kittens. The rescue is run entirely by volunteers, and is a registered not-for-profit organisation.

Potential adopters have to go through an extensive questionnaire before being approved by 2nd Chance Cat Rescue. The rescue believes that by asking the right questions, they’ll be able to get to know each adopter and match him with the purrfect feline companion! Adopters can get to know the cats and kittens through a meet and greet at a foster carer’s house after being approved. However, 2nd Chance Cat Rescue also hosts numerous adoption events throughout the year at Jumbo Animal Supplies in Lynbrook and Petbarn in Mornington.

If you love cats but aren’t ready to adopt, think about becoming a foster carer! Fostering saves animals’ lives and allows you to get all the cat cuddles you want before helping each kitty find its forever home. You can contact 2nd Chance Cat Rescue to get more information about being a foster carer, but take into consideration if your home is an appropriate environment for these kitties that can be scared or under socialised. For example, a home with small children or multiple dogs may not be the best venue for rescue kitties.

A big part of 2nd Chance Cat Rescue’s work also lies in education. On their website, you can learn all about responsible cat ownership. Topics include registering with your local council and ensuring the safety of the cats on your property. Additionally, the website talks about how to make sure your cat or kitten is healthy, and how to properly introduce your new cat into your home for the easiest transition possible.


  • 2nd Chance Cat Rescue was founded with a mission to rehome desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped cats and kittens into good homes. They believe that any cat or kitten can become a wonderful companion with enough time and attention.

How you can help

You can support 2nd Chance Animal Rescue in a variety of ways! Direct donations are always appreciated, and receipts are available for those who want to deduct their donation during tax season. You can also support 2nd Chance Animal Rescue by buying their yearly Christmas cards and calendars that feature adorable cats and kittens up for adoption!




Hampton Park, Melbourne, VIC 3976



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