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PetCoach – app

App • A free mobile app that helps you connect with a verified pet expert 24/7.

Connect with verified US veterinarians, dog trainers, or pet nutritionists via PetCoach.

A free and convenient way to connect with a verified pet expert anytime and anywhere, the PetCoach app allows pet owners to ask questions regarding their animal’s behaviour, health, nutrition, and more. The app offers an online library containing 400,000 answered questions and vet-authored articles, which can be customised to match a pet’s profile. 

How much will it cost me?

The app and its services are offered for free.

How does it help me right now?

Verified US veterinarians, dog trainers, or pet nutritionists on PetCoach can answer questions related to dogs, cats, farm animals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, spiders and insects, small animals, and others. For every 500-character question, you can attach up to three photos and select the category the question falls under. Topics you can ask about include health, behaviour and training, nutrition, care, breeds, holistic health care, natural pet products, and product recommendations. You can also learn more about a particular pet expert, see their expertise, and find out their average response time through the bio section.

It’s important to note that PetCoach does not provide diagnosis or prescribe medications. It is not a replacement for qualified vet advice in person. You must bring your pet to the emergency clinic immediately if he displays any new or worrying symptoms. Apps like PetCoach are in no way a replacement for actual vet advice and diagnosis for health concerns.

PetCoach gives you a chance to chat with pet experts for free. It also offers an online educational centre that allows you to learn more about your pet and other animals. From finding out why your hamster is losing his hair to getting recommendations for a homemade dog meal, PetCoach offers helpful information to many pet-related concerns which may spring up during your extended stay at home.

Where can I get it? 

PetCoach is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. Though it is offered worldwide, the app is only available in English. You can also ask a question through the PetCoach website.

Who’s behind it?

PetCo, an American retail company that sells pet products and services.  




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