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Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast

Podcast • Featuring animal rescuers who tirelessly work to save animals from abuse and/or abandonment.

Some of the animal rescuers who have shared their stories with the Pawprint podcast.

Pawprint is a podcast that features the valiant efforts of animal rescuers who tirelessly work to save animals from abuse and/or abandonment. Aside from interviewing everyday heroes, the show also features experts in various fields such as animal behaviour, training, and medicine.

Whose podcast is it?

Nancy Rhee and Harold Rhee, the hosts and creators of Pawprint. The two have been married for over 20 years, have fostered more than 60 dogs, currently own three dogs of their own, and enjoy speaking to people who dedicate their lives to animal rescue. 

Is it free or paid?

It is free on various platforms. 

Who is the podcast’s intended audience?

Pet owners and animal lovers who want to get inspired and do something for the neglected animals in their own communities. By listening to the interviews, new and longtime animal rescuers can also get out-of-the-box ideas for their own rescue projects. 

Why should I listen to it right now?

The podcast features amazing real-life stories such as a hotel that fosters dogs in their lobby and a man who has driven his truck a million miles to save over 55,000 dogs. Through it, you can gain insight and inspiration about the importance of animal welfare from people from all over the world. Podcaster Soledad Robledo shares the sad state of street dogs in Chile and why things needed to change. Sophie Gamand shares her journey as an artist and how she successfully self-published her photography book featuring pit bulls. Long-time foster carer Anna Bischoff shares what it’s like fostering a painfully shy dog and trying to find the best adoptive family in creative ways.

Where can I hear it?

You can listen to it on the Pawprint websiteSpotify, or Apple Podcasts.



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