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Kitten Care Webinars

Webinars • Neonatal care classes for kitten owners and foster parents.

Free webinars and related resources focused on neo-natal care.

Packed with useful information on neonatal care, the 60-minute online presentations can help rescue volunteers, vet staff, foster parents, and just about anyone save the lives of orphaned kittens ages zero to four weeks old.

What is it?

The webinar series tackles four main subjects: “Help! I found a kitten!” (basics of neonatal care); Advanced Feline Bottle Baby Care; Basic Kitten Medical Issues; and Neonatal Kittens and the Veterinary Clinic. Each webinar includes a video and related handouts that can be saved or printed by the students.

Who’s behind it?

Alley Cat Allies, a worldwide organisation that pushes for the humane treatment of all cats. On their website, the group states that they “work toward a world where every cat is valued and protected, and every community and shelter has policies and programs to save their lives.” The webinars are presented with National Kitten Coalition Co-Founders.

The Kitten Care webinars are taught by Rosemarie Crawford (a regular foster carer and licensed veterinary technician who has experience working in high-volume shelters and large veterinary practices) and Susan Spaulding (who has fostered thousands of neonatal kittens, and advises numerous shelters on neonatal kitten care).

How much does the webinars cost?

The four webinars offered by Alley Cat Allies can be viewed for free. 

What do the webinars include?

“Help! I found a kitten!” is a webinar that introduces the basics of neonatal care. Viewers will learn how to recognise when immediate critical care is needed, how to feed and house neonatal kittens, and how to recognise early symptoms of illnesses.

Aside from feeding kittens, Advanced Feline Bottle Baby Care also discusses special considerations for bathing neonatal kittens, and how to provide for their daily physical and psychological needs. The webinar also tackles upper respiratory infections, as well as supportive therapies.

Meanwhile, Basic Kitten Medical Issues covers the common health problems that kittens deal with such as upper respiratory infection, parasites, and diarrhea. Viewers are taught how to spot early symptoms of illnesses, what common treatments are available, and how to minimise its severity or duration.

Lastly, Neonatal Kittens and the Veterinary Clinic is a class targeted for veterinary clinic staff. It answers the common questions asked by people who have newly adopted or care for neonatal kittens, and how the staff can provide helpful information.

Why is this webinar series better than other online courses?

Depending on the topic that piques your interest, you have the option of watching one, two, or all of the webinars at your own pace. Plus, the information you can gain from these webinars can make you better equipped to care for neonatal kittens. 

Where can I get them?

Click here to get more details about the webinars.



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