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Dog & Cat First Aid, Care & Maintenance

Online course • First aid, care, and maintenance tips for pet owners.

Universal Class recommends this six-month course for first-time pet owners.

Dog & Cat First Aid, Care & Maintenance is an online learning course offered by Universal Class. It has been taken by 2,103 students and has received a 4.6-star rating. The course is equivalent to 0.3 CEUs and takes three hours (average time per class). 

What is it?

The course is highly recommended for first-time pet owners. From feeding suggestions to bathing techniques, the course covers the basics of animal care and is divided into 12 lessons: Feeding Your Dog, Feeding Your Cat, Basic Pet Care Items, Bathing Your Pet, Grooming Your Pet, Heartworm Treatment, Knowing When to Intervene, General First Aid Precaution, Handling Poisoning, Pet Proofing Your Home, Cleaning Up After Your Pet, and Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility. 

Who’s behind it?

The course was created by instructor Cathy Chouinard, who has over 20 years of experience studying and teaching animal training, with the help of course editor, Dr. Bret Staples. Staples has a successful 34-year track record in scientific research and publications.

How much does the course cost?

You can gain access to this six-month course for only 50 USD. If you’d like to receive a certificate after completing the course, you need to pay 75 USD. You have to earn a final grade of 70% or higher to get the online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting the CEUs earned.

The Universal Class’ platinum membership grants you access to unlimited classes from over 500 online courses for only 189 USD per year. However, you can only take 5 different courses at a time. 

*Please note these rates are based on currency conversions at the time of writing this post and may fluctuate.

What does the course include?

The course includes 12 lessons, 3 polls, and 12 exams. You receive a total of 173 points for completing Dog & Cat First Aid, Care & Maintenance.

Why is this course better than other online courses?

The self-paced online class gives you a chance to confidently care for your new dog or cat by looking into the various aspects of pet ownership: food, shelter, grooming, medical care, and more. Lessons 7 to 9 decrease the chances of pet parents panicking at the first sign of an emergency, while lesson 10 teaches them how to pet proof their homes. 

How do I start it?

Click here to get more details about the course.




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