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Which Household Brands Are Cruelty Free? [We listed 75 brands!]

Many people continue to spend most of their time at home, reinventing their sanctuary as spaces for learning, working, and pursuing hobbies. Homeowners turn to cleaning products to keep their homes protected from COVID-19 and other germs, but the conscientious buyer goes beyond well-known brands to support ethically made and environmentally friendly products. In this… Continue reading Which Household Brands Are Cruelty Free? [We listed 75 brands!]

Is Windex Cruelty Free?

No, Windex is not cruelty free. Windex sells products that can disinfect glass, hard surfaces, and even gadgets. Most of their products are formulated with detergents, solvents, fragrances, and ammonia in some cases. Originally created as a glass cleaner by Drackett Company in 1936, the brand was later acquired by SC Johnson in 1993. Aside… Continue reading Is Windex Cruelty Free?

Is OxiClean Cruelty Free?

No, OxiClean is not cruelty free. OxiClean offers household cleaning solutions such as stain removers, laundry detergents, and multi-purpose disinfectants. It uses sodium percarbonate and hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredients. The brand has been owned by Church & Dwight since 2006, a company that also manufactures Arm & Hammer.  OxiClean is unclear about their… Continue reading Is OxiClean Cruelty Free?

Is Lysol Cruelty Free?

No, Lysol is not cruelty free. Distributed by British company Reckitt, Lysol is known for its cleaning and disinfecting products. It was originally introduced in 1889 as a medical disinfectant, and currently sells air sanitising, hand washing, and liquid cleaning solutions.  On their websites, Lysol and its parent company do not mention whether Lysol is… Continue reading Is Lysol Cruelty Free?

Is Clorox Cruelty Free?

No, Clorox is not cruelty free. Clorox has been a brand synonymous to cleaning and disinfecting since the 1920s. It is used throughout American homes to clean bathrooms, kitchens, floors, pools, and the like. The name is a portmanteau of the two main ingredients—chlorine and sodium hydroxide—of its original product. Aside from Clorox, The Clorox… Continue reading Is Clorox Cruelty Free?

Is Formula 409 Cruelty Free?

No, Formula 409 is not cruelty free. Owned by The Clorox Company, Formula 409 is an American industrial cleaning brand for different surfaces such as glass, stone, and steel. It has the capacity to clean appliances, household items, carpets, and more. Originally invented by Morris D. Rouff in 1957, the brand got its name after… Continue reading Is Formula 409 Cruelty Free?

Is Trader Joe’s Cruelty Free?

Yes, Trader Joe’s is cruelty free. Trader Joe’s is a chain of neighbourhood grocery stores available across America. It supplies high quality products such as fresh produce and canned options, all at affordable prices. Though the brand is known for their wide selection of food, they also offer home and body products. Their noteworthy cleaning… Continue reading Is Trader Joe’s Cruelty Free?

Is Clean Mama Cruelty Free?

Yes, Clean Mama is cruelty free. Founded by Becky Rapinchuk in 2001, Clean Mama not only provides cleaning supplies but also guides people on how to have consistently clean homes. The American brand sells safe and effective cleaning and laundry products, cloths and towels, candles and essential oils, as well as planners and notepads. Clean… Continue reading Is Clean Mama Cruelty Free?

Is 365 by Whole Foods Market Cruelty Free?

Yes, 365 by Whole Foods Market is cruelty free. 365 was created by Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain that has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The 365 collection features a bevy of products ranging from body and skin care to kitchen and laundry cleaners.  Since 2021, the Leaping Bunny program by the Coalition… Continue reading Is 365 by Whole Foods Market Cruelty Free?

Is Real Simple Clean Cruelty Free?

Yes, Real Simple Clean is cruelty free. Real Simple Clean cleaning products were developed by Real Simple Magazine and Lab-Clean Inc. Their collection includes hand soaps, dish soaps, stain removers, surface cleaners, and wrinkle release treatments. Most of their products are made from plant-derived ingredients, with the entire line being cruelty free and containing phenoxyethanol… Continue reading Is Real Simple Clean Cruelty Free?

Is Caldrea Cruelty Free?

Yes, Caldrea is cruelty free. Owned by SC Johnson, Caldrea manufactures household items founded on the idea that “caring for our homes should be a beautiful experience.” Their products can be purchased on their website by shopping by fragrance (they offer 10 signature scents) or by product (choose from household cleaners, laundry cleaners, hand care,… Continue reading Is Caldrea Cruelty Free?

Is Aunt Fannie’s Cruelty Free?

Yes, Aunt Fannie’s is cruelty free. Established by Mat Franken, Aunt Fannie’s is a people-friendly and pet-safe brand that manufactures cleaning products for the home. From probiotic cleaners and hand soaps to pest solutions and cleaning wipes, their products are effective even if they do not contain harsh chemicals. On their blog, they state that… Continue reading Is Aunt Fannie’s Cruelty Free?