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Is Miessence Cruelty Free?

Is Miessence Cruelty Free?

Yes, Miessence is cruelty free.

ACO Certified Organic since 2001, Miessence is an Australian brand created by ONEgroup (Organic & Natural Enterprise Group). It uses 100% natural, potent, and active ingredients to create household care, skin care, body care, hair care, dental hygiene, personal care, and cosmetic products. These raw materials are cold-formulated to provide bio-nutrients to nourish the skin. 

Miessence displays a cruelty free logo on its main page. Though it does not reveal its accreditation, it is certified kind to animals by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Beauty Without Bunnies program. This means that Miessence does not test its ingredients and formulations on animals at any stage. Additionally, Miessence does not sell its products in China where animal testing on imported personal care items could be performed. 

In a Facebook post, the brand also revealed that most of their products are vegan-friendly. However, they did not reveal which third party organisation has certified their claims. Miessence stated: “Which of our products are #vegan and #crueltyfree? The better question is, which ones aren’t? ALL Miessence products are certified cruelty-free, while our entire home care, superfoods, body and oral care, skincare, and hair care ranges are also 100% vegan. In fact, if you are vegan, the only products to avoid are our lip balm, shimmer creme, and lip cremes as these contain certified organic beeswax… leaving you with a good 70+ certified organic, vegan, and 100% cruelty-free products to choose from.” 

To support this certified cruelty free brand, visit their website. You can also discover other cruelty free brands from our blog


Beauty Without Bunnies: Miessence

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Wikipedia: Miessence

Facebook: Which of our products are #vegan and #crueltyfree? 

Photo courtesy of Miessence 

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