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Is EverEscents Organic Hair Care Cruelty Free?

Is EverEscents Organic Hair Care Cruelty Free?

Yes, EverEscents Organic Hair Care is cruelty free.

EverEscents Organic Hair Care is an all-natural, organic hair care line that was founded by Julia and Luke Charters. From the formulations to the bottles, their environmentally responsible products are manufactured in a certified organic factory in Australia. Their high-quality hair and essential oil formulations are exclusively sold in professional hairdressing salons and day spas. 

EverEscents belongs to Ethical Brand Co, which also sells Clever Curl and Eco Style Project. On the brand’s Our Philosophy page, they state the beliefs the company stands for. They proudly display a bunny logo, which means they do not conduct tests on animals. They explain: 

“EverEscents is completely against the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals. We do not and will never test our products or ingredients on animals, nor will we ever commission others to do so. EverEscents will continue to campaign until there is a world-wide ban on testing cosmetic products and ingredients on animals.

The team at EverEscents [has] a strong passion for ethical and cruelty free manufacturing. To show our commitment, EverEscents has obtained official accreditation from Safe Cosmetics Australia.

To uphold our commitment and preserve our cruelty free accreditation, EverEscents has chosen not to export our products to countries that conduct testing on animals such as China.”

Aside from Safe Cosmetics Australia, EverEscents is also listed as an animal-friendly brand by Choose Cruelty Free. Ethical Brand Co similarly states on its official website that all its products are vegan friendly certified under Safe Cosmetics Australia. 

To support this cruelty free and vegan brand, order from their website or support the salons where they are sold in. You can also discover other cruelty free brands from our blog


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Photo courtesy of EverEscents Organic Hair Care

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