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Can Dogs Eat Vegan Bacon?

Can Dogs Eat Vegan Bacon?

Vegan bacon is a meat substitute that can be manufactured from a variety of plant-based sources. These include tofu, peas, potatoes, tempeh, seitan, and soy protein. Though safe for human consumption, vegan bacon is highly processed and may include ingredients unsafe for dogs. Vegan bacon with soy is not recommended for dogs with hypothyroidism. Plus, it may increase estrogen production. 

Salt, onion, and garlic are common ingredients used to add flavour to vegan bacon, but these are highly toxic for canine pets. Allowing your dog to eat vegan bacon containing these harmful flavourings may lead to poisoning. Symptoms may include vomiting, drooling, breathing difficulties, diarrhea, and pale gums.

What to do if your dog accidentally eats vegan bacon: Find out how much vegan bacon your dog has consumed. Depending on his size, a small amount may not cause adverse effects. Check the nutrition facts label to guarantee there are no toxic ingredients in the vegan bacon. If potentially lethal ingredients are included, contact your veterinarian immediately and observe your pet closely.

In summary: Vegan bacon is a meat substitute that is formulated with human nutritional needs in mind. High in sodium to preserve the so-called meat and improve its taste, vegan bacon is not the best source of protein for dogs. If you really want to include this meat-free option in your dog’s diet, speak with your veterinarian and find out how much you can safely give your pet. 


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