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Can Dogs Eat Sardines?

Can Dogs Eat Sardines?

Yes, dogs can eat sardines but it must be done with caution.

Sardines are a type of small, oily fish from the herring family. Typically silver in colour, they are commercially sold in fresh, frozen, tinned, or jarred forms. Because they only feed on plankton, they do not contain high levels of mercury (unlike salmon). They are known for being rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D, calcium, and selenium. 

How to feed sardines to your dog: Be careful with the type of sardines you feed your dog. Refrain from giving sardines accompanied by heavy sauces or artificial seasonings such as heavy oils, mustard, ketchup, and salt. For tinned varieties, choose wild-caught ones packed in water.

Before feeding, check the sardines for bones and remove the ones you find. Though they are generally softer compared to other fish bones, they still have the capacity to cause stomach irritation and/or intestinal issues. 

If you’re feeding sardines to your dog for the first time, check the label and make sure it is devoid of unnecessary ingredients that may be toxic to him. Salt, garlic, and onions are common ingredients that must be avoided.

Here are three ideas for sardines treats your dog will love:

  1. Try making this dog treat recipe at home using sardines, parmesan cheese, and rice flour.
  2. Bake this canine treat consisting of tinned wild-caught sardines, egg, turmeric, and more!
  3. Cut up sardines into smaller pieces and place them over your pooch’s food.

In summary: Sardines are a flavourful option for dogs who love to eat fish. They are versatile treats that can be given as meal toppers or tasty snacks. However, they should not be given to overweight dogs since they are high in fat. Dogs with sensitive stomachs and with a history of pancreatitis likewise shouldn’t be fed sardines.

Look through our “can dogs eat” category to find more human food your pooch can safely eat. 


Can Dogs Eat Sardines?

Can My Dog Eat Sardines?

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