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Can Dogs Eat Pineapples?

Can Dogs Eat Pineapples?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Serve ripe pineapples as an occasional treat, not as a part of your dog’s daily diet. Because pineapples contain a high amount of fiber and natural sugar, you must be careful with the amount of pineapple you feed to your dog. The sweet and tangy fruit may not sit well with some four-legged friends (causing diarrhea or upset stomachs), so you should try a small amount first and see how it goes.

How to feed pineapples to your dog: Remove the pineapple crown and its spiky exterior. Slice the fleshy part into small, bite-sized pieces, making sure not to include the tough center.

Here are three ideas for pineapple treats your dog will love:

  1. Place sliced pieces of pineapple in an ice tray, fill it with water, freeze it, and serve it as refreshing pupsicle to your dog!
  2. Mix a cup of pineapple with tangerine and rolled oats to make delicious biscuits your dog can snack on after a run.
  3. Balls of pureed pineapples and mashed sweet potato are tasty treats he would love munching on.

In summary: Feed your dog fresh pineapples in moderation, closely observing him after he tries the fruit for the first time. Never serve him canned pineapples because it has high levels of sugar from the syrup. Discover which other fruits dogs can enjoy in our “can dogs eat” category.

Feature photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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