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Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

Yes, dogs can eat Greek yogurt but only in limited amounts.

Greek yogurt is a cultured and fermented treat that comes from milk. It is a thicker version of regular yogurt because the liquid has been drained out of it. As long as your dog is not lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, he can enjoy Greek yogurt to improve his digestive system. Aside from the probiotics (live cultures of bacteria) that help his gut, it can also support his bones, muscles, and tissues.

How to feed Greek yogurt to your dog: Always go for plain, unflavoured, and low-fat options. Aside from this, check the nutrition facts label to make sure it does not have toxic ingredients such as xylitol, chocolate, and certain fruits. You can also explore dairy-free Greek yogurt options for lactose-intolerant dogs.

Let him try a teaspoonful of Greek yogurt and see how his body reacts to it. Watch for symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, gas, lack of appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain or discomfort, itching or excessive scratching, and poor body condition. If these symptoms show up, speak with your veterinarian.

Here are three ideas for Greek yogurt treats your dog will love:

  1. You only need Greek yogurt, banana, and peanut butter to whip up these frozen treats! You can also replace bananas with his favorite fruit.
  2. Offer a spoonful of Greek yogurt to your pooch hours after taking his antibiotic medicine.  
  3. Try this pumpkin and yogurt bowl recipe that’s good for dogs!

In summary: Plain and unflavoured Greek yogurt is a delicious treat that can be included in your dog’s diet. Though many dogs are lactose intolerant, feeding him a small amount of Greek yogurt can help with his overall well-being. Consult with your vet to find out how much you can give to prevent digestive issues from arising.

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