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Can Cats Eat Porridge?

Can Cats Eat Porridge?

Yes, cats can eat porridge in small quantities.

Porridge is a breakfast dish that is prepared by combining ground or crushed grain with boiled water or milk. Oatmeal is one of the most common types of porridge. Made from oats, it contains fiber and nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc, and iron that can help maintain your cat’s health. Oats are packed with plant-based protein, so cats (as well as dogs!) will be able to digest the dish. 

Before feeding porridge to your cat, speak with your veterinarian and find out which types of grain you can give to her, as well as how much and how often she can safely consume it. Limit the amount of porridge you give since some grains are high in carbohydrates, which are not needed by cats. Too much may cause digestive issues. 

How to feed porridge to your cat: Plain porridge cooked with water works best for cats. Adult cats are usually lactose intolerant, so their stomachs won’t be able to handle porridge mixed with milk

Aside from milk, do not include flavourings such as salt, sugar, and honey as these are not good for your cat. Additionally, toppings such as dried fruits, spices, chocolate, and nuts should not be mixed into the porridge since they may contain harmful ingredients for your pet. 

Let her try a bite of warm plain porridge for the first time, and observe her for the next 24 hours. If no symptoms appear, you can slowly include it in her diet. 

Here are three ideas for porridge treats your cat will love:

  1. Try this Sardine Porridge consisting of oats, water, and sardines. 
  2. Help your cat’s stomach settle by serving her a portion of plain cooked oats. 
  3. Top a piece of cooked meat over a spoon of plain porridge and turn it into a savoury treat. 

In summary: Cooked, plain-flavoured porridge can be enjoyed by your cat in limited amounts. When fed correctly, the fiber-rich dish can help enhance your cat’s digestive system and supplement her liver, skin, and fur. 

Aside from porridge, learn which human foods you can safely feed to your pet cat through our “can cats eat” blog category.


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