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Can Cats Eat Cooked Mince?

Can Cats Eat Cooked Mince?

It depends.

Beef is the main ingredient of cooked mince or ground meat. It becomes finely minced with the help of a meat grinder, or chopped by hand. Minced meat is a versatile ingredient. It can be turned into meatballs or hamburger patties. It can also be added to pasta sauce. Aside from beef, chicken, pork, and lamb can be used for mince.

If mince is fully cooked without seasonings, it should be a safe option for cats to consume occasionally. But if the cooked mince is mixed with ingredients such as garlic, onion, black pepper, and salt, it should not be fed to your pet. Similarly, raw mince is not advisable for cats because of the possible bacteria that may be found in it.

How to feed cooked mince to your cat: Speak with your veterinarian before adding unseasoned cooked mince to your pet’s diet. Remember that beef is fattier than other meat, so always choose the lean portion and give it to her in limited amounts and frequencies. 

Let her try a small piece of cooked mince and watch how her body reacts to it. If she doesn’t display any adverse reactions, you can slowly integrate it into her diet. 

Here are three ideas for cooked mince treats your cat will love:

  1. Try this boiled homemade cat food consisting of ½ pound ground meat.
  2. Saute a small portion of ground beef until brown, and share with Kitty. Just remember to drain the fat before cooking. 
  3. Whip up a healthy meal using ground beef, brown rice, chopped carrots, and alfalfa sprouts.

In summary: Your cat can reap the benefits of eating plainly cooked minced beef. Aside from protein, she can get vitamins B, E, K, and D as well as minerals iron, zinc, and selenium.

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