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Cats Universe

Community • Get a deeper understanding of all things cat through this Facebook group.

The Cats Universe community profile photo is a purrfect rendition of a cat ruling the universe.

Cats Universe is a members-only Facebook community that shares content focused on cat media, cat questions, cat interests, cat concerns, cat training, and cat health.

What is the criteria for joining?

Anyone with a Facebook account can join the group as long as they are interested in understanding cats. There are no questions that need to be answered. 

What makes this group unique?

Its cat-loving members are from across the globe, giving you a chance to interact with people living nearby (Sydney or Melbourne) or far away (Seoul, Paris, Montreal, and Lagos, to name a few). To date, there are over 16,619 members and 626 posts shared in the previous month.

How can I join the community?

Find the Cats Universe group here. Click the “Join Group” button and wait for the administrator’s approval.

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