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Catexplorer Podcast

Podcast • Unique stories from cat owners who explore the world with their pets.

The Catexplorer Podcast is hosted by Hasara and Daniel Lay.

The Catexplorer Podcast offers a one-of-a-kind perspective from cat owners who love to go out and explore the world with their feline pets. Aside from one-on-one chats with these cat owners/adventurers, the podcast features interviews with cat experts on how to care for your cats, how to train your cats, and how to put them at ease when exploring the great outdoors.

Whose podcast is it?

The podcast is created by Hasara Lay and Daniel Lay with the help of their cats, Lumos and Noxie. They run the Catexplorer website, which shares inspiring catexplorer stories, presents helpful guides, and sells cat backpacksbadges, and stickers.  

Is it free or paid?

It is free on various platforms.

Who is the podcast’s intended audience?

For cat owners who are thinking of taking their kitties out for an adventure, whether it’s teaching them how to walk on a leash, letting them experience riding a bicycle while staying safe inside a cat backpack, or taking them on rugged mountain treks. 

Why should I listen to it right now?

Play the episodes to keep yourself entertained or to get ideas for your next enriching trip with your cat. The length of each episode ranges from 36 minutes to almost an hour and a half, and features chats with personalities who have funny and interesting stories to tell about their own adventures. “How to travel in a RV with your cat” shares the story of Maverick Tux and his camper-living mum Barbara, “Adventures in diaperland” shares the realities of traveling with cats with special needs, and “How to travel internationally, on a plane & eco friendly pet parenting with Fluffy Kitty” highlights the adventures of Yoda, a cat that has travelled to more than six countries. 

In relation to the worldwide pandemic, the episode “Catexploring & keeping cats happy during COVID-19” can teach you fun ways to catexplore while practising social distancing, and how to keep your kitties happy during these trying times. Meanwhile, to people who already enjoy catexploring but experience discouraging situations, “What to say when people aren’t nice to you about catexploring, with Amanda Semenoff” is a good episode to listen to and learn from.  

Where can I hear it?

You can listen to it on the Catexplorer Podcast websiteSpotify, or Apple Podcasts.



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