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Cat Behavior Rectification & Cat Health Care

Online course •  A cat-centric course focused on behaviour and health. 

This Udemy course covers two important topics for the price of one class: cat behaviour and well-being.

Enrich a cat’s life through this two-in-one online class that aims to: 1) correct common cat behaviour issues through training methods, and 2) provide tips to improve a cat’s well-being.

What is it?

Cat Behavior Rectification & Cat Health Care: 2 courses in 1 tackles two important aspects of cat care: behaviour and health. There are 33 sections and 70 short lectures, which take about three and a half hours to watch in total. 

In the first half of the course, 13 cat behaviour issues are addressed, such as scratching, excessive vocalization, and separation anxiety. The possible reasons behind these issues are presented, as well as potential solutions and preventive ways to address them. 

In the second half of the course, 17 cat health problems are discussed in detail, such as hearing and vision loss, obesity, and memory loss. The possible symptoms and ways to identify each problem are presented. Additionally, preventive measures and general tips to boost a cat’s overall immunity are included in the course.

Who’s behind it?

The instructors of the Udemy course are Aman Gupta (a UX expert, pet lover, and technology enthusiast) and Roohi Bansal (a tech entrepreneur with a PhD in Molecular Biology).

How much is it?

Cat Behavior Rectification & Cat Health Care: 2 courses in 1 costs 49.99 USD.

*Please note these rates are based on currency conversions at the time of writing this post and may fluctuate.

How does it help me right now?

The course is recommended for new and longtime cat parents who want to give their pets the best possible life, and those with cats who engage in unwanted behaviour.

How does it work? Why is it better than the offline or traditional alternative?

Though the course is not meant to replace a visit to the veterinarian, the lessons taught can help cat parents correct bad behaviour and prevent health issues from occurring.

Where can I get it?

Get more information or sign up for the Cat Behavior Rectification & Cat Health Care: 2 courses in 1 here.



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