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Is SimplyClean Cruelty Free?

Is SimplyClean Cruelty Free?

Yes, SimplyClean is cruelty free.

SimplyClean sells natural and safe cleaning products for the home. Their toxin-free products can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and pets. As much as possible, plant-derived and mineral-based ingredients are used to develop their cleaning items.

More than just being transparent about their ingredients, SimplyClean reveals, “It is vital, too, that we’re developing the SimplyClean range using sustainable and ethical ingredients. That is why you won’t find palm oil in our products, nor have any of our products been tested on animals.” The brand has received cruelty free and vegan certification from Beauty Without Bunnies, a program created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Support this cruelty free and vegan friendly brand by buying products from their website or finding stockists throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. You can also discover other cruelty free brands from our blog


Beauty Without Bunnies: Simply Clean

Our Natural Ingredients are Healthy for You and Your Family

Photo courtesy of SimplyClean

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