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Is Blissoma Botanical Beauty Cruelty Free?

Is Blissoma Botanical Beauty Cruelty Free?

Yes, Blissoma Botanical Beauty is cruelty free.

Rooted in plant science, Blissoma Botanical Beauty creates nature-based products meant to balance and restore the skin. Its users can shop through three ways: via holistic skin care ecosystem, product type (body, face, hair, skin, nails, essential oils, and candles), or skin concern. Blissoma is independently owned and managed by Julie Longyear, who promises that “every product in our collection is cruelty-free, certified vegan, made in-house, and represented with honesty and transparency.”

To verify its cruelty-free claims, Blissoma has voluntarily received certifications from Leaping Bunny and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Beauty Without Bunnies program. The latter also recognises Blissoma as a vegan-friendly brand that only uses plant-based sources. Revealing their full ingredient list on their website and product packaging, Blissoma is committed to crafting biodegradable formulas from nutritious plant extracts taken from organic farms all over the world. They make it a point not to include harmful ingredients such as petroleum, synthetic fragrances, nuts, and gluten.

To support this cruelty free and vegan brand, visit their website. You can also discover other cruelty free brands from our blog


Beauty Without Bunnies: Blissoma

Leaping Bunny: Blissoma

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